Stormy weather and high winds broken up with beautiful sunny skies and rainbows. Jennifer and Scott together in their room on the Isle of Harris, miles away from their homes in Germany and Australia, getting ready for their ceremony. Rodel church on the southern tip of the Hebridean island of Harris was the venue for their wedding. A beautiful, historic church full of atmosphere and quiet.

The thing that struck me most on Jennifer and Scott’s wedding day was a sense of absolute contentment between them. Nothing else mattered except being together and enjoying every minute of their time. They were together alone on the Island to be married and this day was about the two of them and their love for each other.

I had been looking forward to photographing this wedding but I had no idea. None at all. Of how the Island’s charm, it’s storms, the beautiful church, the windswept beaches and the love between the two of you would leave me with an overwhelming sense of happiness at having been part of your day.

I hope you are both enjoying your last few weeks in your little house in Tolsta Chaolois !